Stabile crushed stone mixtures for ecological pavements of pedestrian and bicycle paths

UAB “Stabiline” produces and installs organic crushed stone mixes with plantain seed husk binder.

The upper layer of Stabile ecological coating is installed from natural binder and crushed stone mixtures 0/5, 0/8, 0/11, 0/16, in which materials smaller than 0.063 mm should be 13-18% of the mass of the mixture.
The prepared crushed stone mixture must meet the requirements of TRA SBR 19 and TRA Fillers 19.
Natural binder and crushed stone mixture are mixed in the ratio: 6 kg of natural binder and 1 ton of crushed stone mixture.
The mixing process is mechanical.
The compaction of the upper layer is not regulated.
Granite, stone, limestone, dolomite crushed stone can be used for the production of crushed stone mixtures

Advantages of coatings

  • The coating surface is non-slip.
  • The top layer of the coating is water-conductive
  • The ideal moisture content for a stable pavement structure is from 4 up to 12%
  • Creates a good coating microclimate due to the accumulated water (does not wash off like bitumen on asphalt surfaces in the summer)
  • Permeable to air and water. Can be installed right next to the tree stem
  • Dust does not form on the coating surface
  • Large selection of colors and materials
  • Long service life (with proper maintenance)
  • Does not release pollutants into the environment (as is the case with asphalt surfaces)
  • Simple and cheap repair methods

Areas of application of mixtures

  • Parks, historical sites
  • City squares
  • Pedestrian and bicycle paths
  • Coatings on overlays
  • Schoolyards and children’s playgrounds
  • Covers for tree trunks (instead of metal gratings)
  • Parking lots
  • Sports playgrounds (outdoor tennis, etc.)

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